Top 5 Reasons for CFOs to Choose Microsoft Dynamics GP

As a CFO, you face a wide array of options for software to use for your company. The software you choose can have a huge effect on the efficiency and management of your organization, so it is not a decision that should be made lightly. Your business needs a focused solution that incorporates a comprehensive and streamlined method to manage its finances. You may be surprised to find out that one of the oldest solutions is still the best today. Microsoft Dynamics GP has long been a top choice by many CFOs, and it only continues to grow. In the wake of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015’s release, we would like to share why CFOs and businesses need Microsoft Dynamics GP now more than ever.

5 Reasons to Choose Microsoft Dynamics GP

  1. The volume of reporting and forecasting required is higher than average, and the manual processes involved in most ERP solutions waste valuable time while generating each report. Microsoft Dynamics GP conveniently automates many of the background steps that go into producing reports, making the entire process faster and more accurate.
  2. Economic downturns require creative and unique reporting methods to find new angles for revenue generation and cost savings. Dynamics software emphasizes focused, ad-hoc queries that utilize the latest data and trends to facilitate creative thinking and forecasting, rather than sticking to the standard company reporting. This flexibility in reporting is especially crucial in economic downturns.
  3. For data and forecasts to be shared accurately and effectively, CFOs need to display data for decision-makers in ways that are easy to understand, such as charts and graphs. Report Writer in Dynamics GP generates reports that are clean, professional, and can be easily modified to keep up with unique reporting demands. Even better, powerful SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) capabilities in Dynamics GP allow for consolidated reporting across a wide range of data sources.
  4. Reports need to be generated quickly and easily so CFOs can spend less time producing reports and more time translating that information into actionable business intelligence. Providing strategic guidance is the most important role of the CFO, and if they are bogged down creating reports, they won’t have the necessary time to formulate new and better strategies. Microsoft Dynamics GP frees up your time, allowing you to do your job more efficiently and creatively.
  5. Routine, manual processes must be automated wherever possible. The more that preliminary, report-related processes are automated, the less time and effort it takes to create reports. Dynamics helps to cut time spent on manual processes, opening up new and better opportunities for how you allocate your time on more important projects.

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