Dynamics GP: A Better Alternative to QuickBooks for Lawn Management Company

With over 3.5 million users, QuickBooks is one of the most popular small business accounting systems on the market. To be fair, Quickbooks offers good value for the money and an assortment of basic accounting features to meet the needs of many small businesses and startups. Unfortunately, while QuickBooks may be a good entry-level solution, it has significant limitations that prevent it from meeting the needs of growing landscaping businesses.

7 Signs That Your Landscaping Business May Be Outgrowing QuickBooks

The qualities that make QuickBooks a good entry-level accounting solution are the same ones that make it inadequate to meet the needs of growing lawn management businesses. Here are several indicators that your landscaping organization may be outgrowing QuickBooks:

  1. Limited reporting capabilities aren’t giving you the visibility and insight you need to run your business.
  2.  Multiple departments or lines of business are preventing you from centralizing and integrating your data.
  3.  You find yourself unable to confidently and consistently comply with regulations for monitoring and securing your financial data.
  4.  You experience frustrating and unacceptable delays in menus, reports, or navigation.
  5.  You have had to sacrifice transaction history or master records to improve system performance.
  6.  More users need to access the system than are currently allowed.
  7.  You are concerned about the lack of security and compliance features.

4 Reasons Why Dynamics GP is a Better Alternative to QuickBooks

For landscaping businesses that have outgrown the entry-level capabilities of QuickBooks, migrating to Microsoft Dynamics GP offers numerous benefits:

More Features

More than just accounting software, Dynamics GP offers over 1500 more features than QuickBooks (2,550 compared to 1,019). These features span key areas of functionality, including financial management, business intelligence and reporting,

Better Financial Reporting

The whole point of an accounting software solution is comprehensive and actionable financial reporting. Microsoft Dynamics GP offers over 700 standard reports – nearly seven times more than QuickBooks’ 112 standard reports – as well as the ability to create any type of customized reporting you might need.

Better Microsoft Office Integration

While both Dynamics GP and QuickBooks offer a range of Microsoft Office integration features (e.g. exporting reports directly to Excel or Word, emailing reports and documents through Outlook, etc…), only Dynamics GP offers advanced integration via SmartTags and Workflow that allows users within Outlook, Word, or Excel to view data from Dynamics GP without having to log in and manually look up the data.

Better Scalability

One of QuickBooks’ major shortcomings is its lack of scalability. With a maximum cap of just 30 users, inability to adequately track multiple entities, and declining performance beyond a 150MB file size, QuickBooks is unable to keep up with the demands of your growing landscaping business. Dynamics GP, on the other hand, supports unlimited users and includes multi-entity tracking capabilities. Its superior scalability allows it to accommodate your landscaping business needs as you grow – without sacrificing performance or functionality.

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