Chances are you began your landscaping business using entry-level accounting software such as QuickBooks. Today, as your operations expand, the capabilities of your business and accounting software must keep pace with your growth and changing needs. Your internal and external stakeholders require more financial information, sophisticated reporting and business intelligence capabilities.

Has Your Landscaping Company Outgrown QuickBooks?
How do you know you’ve outgrown your accounting software and it’s time for your lawn management business to implement an entry-level accounting software upgrade? Here are the warning signs:

  • Higher transaction volumes strain your system’s database and slow down its performance
  • Increased feature and performance shortcomings
  • More people need to access your system at the same time
  • Current system does not support increased complexity in daily operations
  • Current solution does not provide the built-in functionality you require
  • Current system does not have the sophisticated reporting and decision-making tools you need
  • Accounting system cannot handle the workload, user counts, and security requirements of your growing business

If you recognize these kinds of limitations, it’s a sure sign you’re outgrowing entry-level accounting software and it’s time to compare accounting software packages. Your growing business needs enhanced reporting, improved performance, and better integration with your other software. Accounting and ERP software that adapts with you is crucial for your growth and success, or you spend too much time straining to place complex transactions into an inadequate system.

Dynamics GP vs. QuickBooks
Does your company need more than basic accounting and reporting? Have you outgrown QuickBooks? Unlike QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics GP is a complete, scalable solution that meets the needs of growing landscaping companies. It’s easy to use, and looks and feels like software you’re already familiar with – Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and Outlook.
If you compare QuickBooks vs. Dynamics GP, you’ll easily see how Dynamics GP provides substantial benefits and can help propel your lawn management organization’s growth:

  • Supports a greater number of active, concurrent users
  • Supports a much higher volume of transactions
  • Provides controls for data security and integrity
  • Provides specialized, complex features such as multi-currency and multi-language capabilities, warehousing and distribution, human resources and supply chain management, and extensive inventory needs such as multiple costing methods or bill-of-materials processing
  • Generates much more powerful business intelligence and reporting
  • Customizes according to role, landscaping industry or business process
  • Prolific availability of third-party add-on software for specialty landscaping functions and seamless integration
  • Automates business processes

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