Additional Services

SSRS, Development, Database Management, Microsoft Solutions, and More

We can handle more than just ERP, CRM, and Networking solutions. In fact, many customers have asked Associates Solutions to provide other stand-alone services because they know and trust us. Some of the additional services we offer are:


ASI has 3 full-time developers on staff that all have business expertise and an understanding of process flow. We specialize in adding to ERP, CRM, and Microsoft solutions, but can also develop solutions that have nothing to do with those systems. So, if you have an idea of how your business might gain from new application development, talk to an ASI developer about building a new application.

Database Management:

ASI has several staff members that are Microsoft SQL Admins and can assist you with developing new databases, establishing Analysis Services and Cubes, and tuning databases for better efficiency. We can also help with Disaster Recovery Planning.

Crystal Report Writing:

Both Dynamics GP and Dynamics SL have utilized Crystal Reports for developing additional reports for their products. Our team can help develop Crystal Reports to be utilized internally or externally to GP/SL.

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS):

As a free service that comes with SQL Server, SSRS is becoming the mainstay for report development and will eventually become the natural reporting tool for all of the Microsoft ERP and CRM products. We started working with SSRS when it was first released. SSRS utilizes SQL queries to gather data, so you will be covered on both ends. Also, SSRS contains the ability for graphing functionality and deliverability over the Internet.

Here are some of the custom Payroll reports that our team has created using SSRS to enhance the package of Payroll reports that come with GP out of the box.

  • PR Pay Rates – A report that shows all employees with their paycode and what the pay amount associated with that paycode
  • Payroll Timesheet Edit – A one stop place to review Timesheets before processing
  • Pre-Post Register – A report that shows what checks have been created but not yet posted. It’s a good review document so that if changes need to be made you can catch them one final time before posting.
  • Pre-Post Check Summary – Shows a summary of paychecks by paycode after creation and before posting. It’s another good double-check for the payroll process.
  • Check History Register – Shows the entire payroll check in one quick report that allows you to see Gross, Taxes, all other deductions, and Net Pay all in one report.
  • Payroll Check Summary – Shows a summary of payroll by GL Accaount for any chosen period: a great tool for reconciliations.

You have been very helpful in making the program modifications that I wanted, and have been very patient in teaching me how to do many of the extra things I requested. I know that I could not have done anything without your assistance.Your knowledge of the program seems to be unlimited. You have always been available to answer any questions that I have and to help me work through any problem that I had.

Robert Wood, Certified Public Accountant, Client Testimonial

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