Looking for a New Microsoft Dynamics Partner?

There are many reasons why you would want to change…


We have heard about almost all of them in our 17+ years of business as a leading Microsoft Dynamics Partner. If any of the reasons below resonate with you and your current Microsoft partner relationship then it’s probably time to consider us as your new partner


Your Existing Reseller no longer Microsoft Authorized

Of course this is a very valid reason. If your existing partner has gone out of business or is no longer authorized by Microsoft then you are a Dynamics “orphan” you need a new partner of record as soon as possible


Additional Services provided by New Reseller

Perhaps you want a partner that provides cloud hosting and IT services along with Dynamics GP, SL & CRM. Or provides other Dynamics product family services that also specializes in integrations.

Customer Satisfaction - your existing reseller order inaccuracies

If this is a constant issue, I can understand it would be frustrating. Hopefully a one-time error could be resolved


Customer satisfaction - your existing reseller slow response time

If a partner is not responsive to your needs, even after good communication of your frustration, this is a valid reason to change


Customer saisfaction - your existing reseller account manager issues

Sadly, sometimes personality clashes result in a poor fit. If you have discussed this with the management at your existing partner, and your account manager cannot be changed, this is a valid reason


Customer satisfaction - your existing reseller overall poor performance

This is self-explanatory and can encompass several of the reasons above. If you reseller can’t/doesn’t do the job, you have the right to change



There can be many other reasons why a change of partner record is best for you and your business. Perhaps you want someone more local, more diverse, more experienced, more resourceful, or more caring to make your Dynamics investment much more valuable for you and your company

ASI is great! Top-notch and great response to all my needs. I really appreciate the service no matter how small the issue. Mike W. - Controller

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