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Customer Profile
Started in 2002, YRC Logistics is a wholly owned subsidiary of the $9.6 billion strong YRC Worldwide. They operate over 170 facilities in Asia, Europe, North America, and South America and provide logistics services in and between more than 80 countries.

Business Situation
After investing significant capital to develop a web interface for customers, YRC found itself hampered by a back end system that forced double entry and minimized reporting capabilities. The result was a great website accompanied by cumbersome and costly internal processes

By installing Dynamics GP, YRC has implemented a streamlined system that has eliminated the double entry and allowed their staff and management to focus on the customer, saving over $150,000 a year.


Dynamics GP gave YRC the system that could fill the need not only for the corporate headquarters, but for their markets as well. The system was deployed on schedule and at a fraction of the cost of the competition.

Global Logistics Provider Streamlines Processes and Impacts Bottom Line

YRC had always insisted on the best web technology to interface with their customers. However, as they grew, YRC soon discovered that their back office environment was effecting customer service and generating costs that were significant to their bottom line.

After the customer requested a shipment, the information would then have to be re-keyed into the accounting system to produce an invoice. Much of the critical information for the shipment was not included on the invoice, so it was very difficult to query information about the invoice and find the related shipment information in one place.

In addition, YRC was not the only division experiencing very similar issues. They decided to pick one software to address the issue and consolidate all of the divisions into a single back end system. Essentially they had narrowed the possibilities to three choices: Best Enterprise, Peoplesoft, or Dynamics GP. However, the situation was unique in one way; they were already licensed on all three software packages. So, they weren’t just doing a software search, they were examining the possibilities for software that was already in house.

As YRC realized that they were growing faster than their internal systems could handle, they contacted Associates Solutions, Inc. to assist them in implementation and redesigning their business processes. ASI provided the training, customizations and report development necessary to get YRC streamlined. Ultimately, implementing Dynamics GP was the catalyst in resolving the issues for all of the divisions experiencing these problems.

The flexibility of Dynamics GP allowed YRC to redefine internal business processes and ensure the additional controls on processing required in growth environment. The results were dramatic. Coordination with the web system allowed the order entry process to become a review process, while report turnaround time went to nil. In fact, that trend continues. When their business began working with governmental organizations, they were able to quickly react with multiple invoice invoice formats and different file structures to accept additional required information.

With Dynamics GP, YRC is able to see information today that was entered on the web today. That allows them to make decisions now, rather than a few weeks from now. That’s a competitive edge.

Over the last couple of years we have tripled the amount of functions that we perform from Solomon. Making Solomon highly critical in order to successfully meet our business needs. Therefore, we needed a business partnership with a reliable, knowledgeable, and flexible VAR that would successfully assist us through our current and future needs. We found this in Associates Solutions.

Sam Silva, Director of Information Technology, Birch Telecommunications, Inc.