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  • Why Flexible Licensing Makes Sense - Did you know that Acumatica is the only company that allows the flexibility of deployment type? More than 70% of customers elect the Fully Managed Option – most customers don’t want to deal with hardware, back-ups, disaster recovery, and managing software. Based on industry – certain businesses are mandated to host on a private network and […]
  • Why Acumatica? - Still not convinced that Acumatica is the premier cloud ERP solution? Acumatica has been recognized by several publications as a business and technology leader. Winning 11 awards in 2017 alone, Acumatica has been called the best SaaS product for ERP by the SaaS Awards and a visionary for Cloud Core Financial Suites. Acumatica has won […]
  • Introducing Acumatica - Have you heard our big announcement about our new partnership with Acumatica? You may be wondering what all the buzz is about surrounding this new cloud ERP system. Partnering with Associates Solutions will maximize your new cloud capabilities. So, what makes Acumatica so special? It was born in the cloud, meaning it is specifically optimized […]
  • “Born in the Cloud” - With the recent introduction of Acumatica, and the push for Microsoft Dynamics to move to the cloud, you may be wondering what exactly is the cloud, and if it makes sense for your business to invest in the cloud. Cloud based, or cloud born ERP has emerged as one of the top technology topics in […]

I appreciate Associates Solutions support, and we are fortunate to have Don and Charley on our team at American Fiber Network.

Bob Baranek, Controller, American Fiber Network