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  • Ask ASI: Power BI Setup and Installation Information (Part 2 of 2) - Installing a Gateway In Part 1 of Ask ASI, we introduced you to Power BI. Now, we will continue with the installation process to get you up and running. To install a gateway (to create refreshable dashboards), you will need to have a Power BI account. You can create a free account, but to get full […]
  • Ask ASI: Power BI Setup and Installation Information (Part 1 of 2) - Power BI Setup and Installation Installing Power BI is a straight forward process with minimal issues. However, you may run into some small roadblocks with the setup and installation of the Gateways. These should be installed on a machine that is always on, and will need a network connection to the server that holds the […]
  • Office 365 – Enabling Collaboration – SharePoint Online - SharePoint has been around for at least 10-20 years. Entire books, careers, and companies exist because of SharePoint. It has been known as a product that was easy to setup wrong, but difficult to maintain properly. This notion is no more, as SharePoint now integrates with Office 365. With the availability of SharePoint in Office […]
  • Office 365 – Enabling Collaboration – Skype for Business - The first attempt at a business “based” instant messaging platform was Microsoft Office Lync. While incredibly successful, it had its limitations. Online meetings were slow. Communicating externally was often not possible or quite difficult to setup. From these aches and pains, Skype for Business was born and has since flourished. Skype for Business will help […]

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