Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint: Collaboration Solutions for Business

Today’s fast-paced business market demands effective collaboration.  Effective collaboration is fast, easy and flexible, adapting on the fly to changing demands for information and responsiveness. Microsoft SharePoint Solutions are at the heart of thousands of companies’ collaborative efforts. SharePoint gives businesses real-time access to the information they need now from across every level of any organization.

In concert with SharePoint Project Calendar, Microsoft SharePoint Solutions transforms the potential of your organization, giving you access to utilize information on demand at your fingertips. You set access rules, allowing all who need to see certain documents the access they require and limiting access to those for whom it would be unnecessary or unwise.

Fully flexible paramaters allow project manipulation in real-time; no more time wasted waiting for email feedback. Publish a project calendar to let your employees know when projects are scheduled. Publish content from any Microsoft Office product for greater efficiency. Microsoft SharePoint Solutions becomes an integrated and integral tool for your business’s flow of information and activity. In that way it saves time and money and increases real time responsiveness and productivity. Now. When you need it.

Associates Solutions is an experienced Microsoft SharePoint Solutions partner in Kansas City and the Midwest. Call us today to see how we can introduce this powerful business solution into the flow of your organization.

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How Microsoft SharePoint Solutions Can Improve Businesses

Manage Content and Processes

  • Store and organize all business documents and content in one central location, allowing for quick, uniform access for all members.
  • Easy-to-use site creation lets users quickly publish web content using master pages and page layouts for a consistent look and feel for all content.
  • Easily share information at each step of the workflow process to help avoid duplicate entries and costly errors.
  • Out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft Office will get your business running on Microsoft SharePoint quickly, so you can start streamlining your workflows immediately.

Improve Business Insight

  • Create live, interactive business intelligence (BI) portals that assemble and display information from disparate sources through the use of dashboards, Web Parts, key performance indicators (KPIs), and business data connectivity technologies.
  • SharePoint’s Business Data Catalog (BDC) allows for a number of business systems to be created to meet your company’s needs without the necessity of writing code.
  • Additionally, Microsoft SharePoint Solutions provides tools to help explore new business relationships and find subject-matter experts to let you make smarter decisions more quickly.

Simplify Internal and External Collaboration

  • Collect customer and partner-relationship information securely, giving your customers and partners the peace of mind that the information is used in accordance with your privacy policies.
  • The Microsoft SharePoint Solutions Search Center lets users search for the resources they need, including SharePoint sites, Web Parts, lists, people, profiles, and business data.
  • Personalize and customize the user experience to match each users’ wants and needs.

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