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How Can Microsoft Dynamics SL Help Your Business?

Microsoft Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon) is a business management ERP software for project-driven organizations that want to streamline their operations. Microsoft Dynamics SL0 helps companies in professional services, operations, field services, government and construction management industries with ERP project management software solutions. This ERP software gives organizations the true power of combining accounting and project management into one seamless, flexible solution: Microsoft Dynamics SL.

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Financial Series | ERP Software

The Financial Series delivers accounting applications that are customized for each customer’s specific needs. Available in single or multi-company scenarios, the Financial Series gives users the access to the timely financial data they need to make smart business decisions. Accounts Payable – Save your organization time and money by making the right decision the first time. Microsoft Dynamics SL’s Accounts Payable lets you track terms and discounts, predict cash requirements, and monitor payments as well as keep precise records about due dates and money owed. Additionally, this software allows users to automate various routine activities, such as entering credit and debit transactions, for greater efficiency. For more information download the Accounts Payable Fact Sheet.

Accounts Receivable Actively monitor all your receivables and cash flow by managing customer accounts with greater financial flexibility through ERP project management software. Learn more about Microsoft Dynamics SL’s Account Receivable capabilities by downloading the Accounts Receivable Fact Sheet.

Advanced Payroll – Assure your employees that they are being paid correctly and on time with this ERP software solution. Advanced Payroll gives you the peace of mind that all payroll is done correctly and in a timely manner.

Cash Manager – Gain control of your cash. Utilizing the Microsoft Dynamics SL Cash Manager gives users the power to accurately maintain cash accounting, access cash balances instantly, and automate bank reconciliations. Download the Cash Manager Fact Sheet for more information.

Currency Manager – This ERP project management software tool is very useful for companies that do global business, or for companies that are looking to expand their markets. Currency Manager helps users to track exchange-rate fluctuations and make the smartest decisions when dealing with a different currency. Read more about Currency Manager.

Business Intelligence | ERP Software

Business Intelligence (BI) is at the forefront of every organization. It’s about empowering employees and giving them the tools to make the best decisions for your company. What is Business Intelligence exactly? It consists of the tools and reports used to analyze data in way that makes the data meaningful for you and your organization. This ERP software product is full of BI features to help any business make smart decisions.

Business Information Optimization (BIO) – Bring all of your financial and operations information together to get the greatest impact out of your data. BIO lets you take a look at projects, sales, inventory, customers, accruals, revenues, budgets and more all from a streamlined, single interface. Want to learn more about how to empower employees by utilizing BIO? Download the BIO 2011 Fact Sheet.

Business Analyzer – A strong complement to BIO, the Business Analyzer is a useful reporting and collaboration tool that was released with Feature Pack 1. With 30 financial and project reports, Business Analyzer gives users more options for analyzing data and sharing it with others in the organization. By combining Business Analyzer with the power of Microsoft Lync, users can now share reports in real-time and get timely feedback. With the added functionality of Feature Pack 1’s Quick Query SSRS Report Generation Wizard, users can now turn any Quick Query View into an SSRS report in Business Analyzer. It also gives you the ability to create links in your reports that connect back to screens in Microsoft Dynamics SL.


Work with an experienced Kansas City & Midwest partner in Microsoft Dynamics SL. Call (913) 210-1300 or contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation needs assessment.

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