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Smart Business Solution: Management Reporter 2012

Management Reporter 2012 is built to give users better access to financial data and allow you to achieve greater visibility across your organization. A host of new Management Reporter features can greatly improve the productivity of your users. Here are some of the Management Reporter updates included in 2012: Missing Account Analysis is one feature that all companies can utilize. Every organization eventually creates new GL accounts or financial dimensions, at which point, all existing reports need to be updated. Missing Account Analysis combs through these report definitions to check for missing accounts before report generation, allowing you to close your books more quickly. Another great help for many organizations is the ability to specify a single Report Library location, multiple Report Library locations, or multiple networks or SharePoint locations.

Management Reporter 2012 is a convenient timesaving tool that also gives you the ability to create Report Groups, so instead of selecting each report needed for a month-end close you can now generate all month-end reports at once by grouping them together. MR 2012 then makes it easier to access these Report Groups by listing them in the Navigation pane. Finally, rolling forecast headers provide users with headers that dynamically span columns based on the period and report date. This feature is great for rolling forecasts, where some columns contain actual data, and some columns contain budget/forecast data. Each month, as the report date is changed, the headers will update too, which reduces the maintenance and user error involved with creating and generating rolling forecast reports.

Management Reporter offers a host of capabilities.

Management Reporter (MR) is a real-time financial reporting application that allows the user to quickly and easily create, generate, secure, and publish financial statements, such as Profit and Loss (P&L) statements, balance sheets, and cash flow.

  • Create high-quality reports easily: Design cost-effective, high-quality reports in minutes to streamline reporting and analysis, allowing you to quickly respond to new business opportunities and market trends.
  • Increase productivity with familiar tools: Get your employees up and running quickly with a familiar interface based on Microsoft Office.
  • Improve Inter-Organization Communication: MR allows for various ways of distributing reports using multiple formats, distribution techniques, and document bundling to help your people access the information they need quickly and conveniently.
  • Keep financial data secure: Customize your security settings so that only the people you want are able to access certain information.

Management Reporter Replaces FRx

FRx has been the mainstay tool for several ERP systems and is specifically designed to handle Financials Report production. Management Reporter is the replacement for FRx in the current roadmap. Management Reporter is the next generation of FRX. Built as a service utilizing SQL Server instead of an Access runtime license, ASI understands the needs of complex multi-company/multi-currency environments and can help bring them into one reporting framework for you. The Management Reporter also makes sure that you can maintain and track your financials’ security. If you are a current FRx user and would like to upgrade to the new Management Reporter, or would just like more information, email us. You can also take a look at this PDF about migrating your data from FRx to MR.

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