Need Logistics or Supply Chain Management?

Microsoft Dynamics GP for Distribution for you!

I manage IT…

Microsoft Dynamics GP is definitely for you. It has the security you want, the deliverables your users need, and integrates with the other systems you have in place. Tired of messing around with all the upgrades and maintaining your server? Then check out Microsoft Dynamics GP for Logistics and Supply Chain Management in the cloud.


I’m an Exec…

You’ll love Business Analyzer at your fingertips on-the-go. Get a holistic view of business operations at any time. Allow your users to generate the reporting you need and provide the business intelligence to keep pushing your business forward. Want your team and business to run more efficiently? What are you waiting for?!

I’m a User…

You’ve heard of Microsoft Office before right?! It’s the same look and feel with a role-tailored interface. Deep built-in capabilities combined with specialized solutions tailored for your industry. Eliminate double entry, get the reporting you want on your command, and streamline your Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Get your heads into the Cloud…

Achieve flexibility with security and always stay up to date with the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP for Logistics and Supply Chain Management with asiCloud delivering your solution.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Associates Solutions, Inc. is committed to providing logistics and supply chain management support to distribution companies. Our Microsoft Dynamics products are particularly useful for companies looking to streamline operations, minimize downtime, and more.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Designed for multi-departmental workflow, Microsoft Dynamics GP offers comprehensive sales order processing and invoicing capabilities, receivables and inventory management, and multi-currency management essential for your supply chain management purposes. Handling traditional sales order processes and electronic commerce is no problem for Dynamics GP.

Financial Series

Microsoft Dynamics GP for Logistics and Supply Chain Management delivers superior financial management, giving you the functionality you need to master your financial picture and take full advantage of the wealth of information your financial system contains.

Business Intelligence

Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Intelligence (BI) solutions allow you to make smart decisions, gain insight for the future, and plan accordingly so you can start implementing new practices more quickly. As any supply chain management expert knows, efficiency and expeditiousness are essential!

Human Resources and Payroll Series

Human Resource Management provides cost-effective tools for managing information about employees and applicants. Since information is entered once and available everywhere, opportunities for data entry errors are reduced, leaving human resources and payroll professionals time to spend on more strategic opportunities. Optional integration with payroll offers efficient data entry process, ensuring timely delivery of employee paychecks.

Customization and Integration

With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you not only have complete customization and integration control, you have access to a suite of powerful industry-standard tools and technologies that millions of developers are already familiar with. Built on the latest technology, Microsoft Dynamics delivers the Modifier with VBA customizations. For simple to complex integrations, Microsoft Dynamics provides Integration Manager, Integration Assistant for Excel, and the eConnect products to connect all parts of your business together, including your logistics and supply chain management.

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