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Enhance Your Business With ERP Solutions by Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains) is a business management software that provides growing and mid-sized organizations with complete, scalable financial and operational functionality, such as advanced consolidation, robust business intelligence, rich reporting, forecasting, and budgeting.

Because this functionality is available right out-of-the-box, you are able to integrate and implement your financial and operational processes quickly. Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP solutions offer the stability you require, so you know your solution will support your business-critical needs today and in the future. With the right training in Microsoft Dynamics GP, your team will be able to streamline and improve processes that positively impact your bottom line. With help from our ERP solutions, you will have greater control over the financials of your business, which will promote better business success.

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Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics GP & ERP Solutions

Built to Fit

Microsoft Dynamics GP is built to meet the needs of your organization. This starts with giving you the option of on an on-premise implementation or a partner hosted implementation. An on-premise implementation of ERP solutions gives you full access to your system and complete control of how it runs on your servers. A hosted implementation gives you peace of mind knowing that a trusted Microsoft Dynamics GP partner is managing the server where you operate Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Microsoft Dynamics GP also gives you full customization capabilities. It allows for the software to be tailored to meet your organization’s needs whether its integration with Dynamics CRM, custom modules, or custom report writing tailored to your industry. Microsoft Dynamics GP gives you the flexibility to make sure your business solution is meeting your needs and making your organization more productive.

Increase Organization-Wide Contributions with ERP Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics GP allows you to share, analyze, assign and access information at all levels, so every member of your organization can contribute to the decision-making process. You will have better control over your business’s financials, enabling you to assign certain tasks to individuals or departments to help drive productivity and efficiency.

Optimize Automations

Whether it’s assigning projects to your employees, relaying information to your customers, or integrating processes with suppliers, Microsoft Dynamics GP helps you get the most out of all of your connections. Our ERP solutions for small businesses will help your business see the growth you dream of.

Financial Series

Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers superior financial management, giving you the functionality you need to master your financial picture and take full advantage of the wealth of information your financial system contains.

Business Intelligence

Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Intelligence (BI) solutions allow you to make smart decisions, gain insight for the future, and plan accordingly so you can start implementing new practices more quickly.

Human Resources and Payroll Series

Microsoft Dynamics GP has a Human Resource Management component to provide cost-effective tools for managing information about employees and applicants. Since information is entered once and available everywhere, opportunities for data entry errors are reduced, leaving human resources and payroll professionals time to spend on more strategic opportunities. Optional integration with payroll offers efficient data entry process, ensuring timely delivery of employee paychecks. With our ERP solutions for small businesses, you’ll be able to better hire, train, and pay your team,

Customization and Integration

With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you not only have complete customization and integration control, you have access to a suite of powerful industry-standard tools and technologies that millions of developers are already familiar with. Built on the latest technology, Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions deliver the Modifier with VBA customizations. For simple to complex integrations, Microsoft Dynamics GP provides Integration Manager, Integration Assistant for Excel, and the eConnect products to connect all parts of your business together.


Work with an experienced Kansas City and Midwest partner in Microsoft Dynamics GP and ERP Solutions.

Call (913) 210-1300 or contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation Microsoft GP needs assessment.

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