Dynamics SL Hosting

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Hosted Dynamics SL

Cloud hosted Microsoft Dynamics SL can help meet the needs of your service oriented organization.
Tailored more towards the professional services/project based/construction/government contracting industries, Dynamics SL works the way your organization does.

Move Beyond your basic ERP System

With Microsoft Dynamics SL Hosting you can go beyond basic reporting with a host of features designed to place the information you need at your fingertips. With ad hoc reporting tools like Quick Query and advanced analytics that utilize Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services the decision makers of your organization can get the information they need how they need it when they need it.

Improve Your Business Everywhere

Hosted Dynamics SL isn’t just for the back office staff though. With it’s easy to use web based project management tools you can have your staff handling their needs on the go or at home. With the recent addition of their mobile web apps it can’t get much easier to manage and query your information on the go or from practically any device.

But wait, there’s more!

With an incredibly flexible order management system Dynamics SL is great for distribution companies or companies that deal mainly with shipping goods. With the automation of Process Manager you can automate a large portion of your order process so you no longer have to walk through all the steps of the order process that your current ERP system makes you walk through.



Current Pricing


It’s simple to get started!

Hosted Dynamics SL simplifies everything so it’s even easier and more cost effective. The hardware requirements can be a bit confusing for Dynamics SL – we take care of everything. You don’t need to worry about servers, you just need to worry about business. We think that’s how things should be.


What do I get when I go Full Subscription?

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