Dynamics GP Hosting

Deliver exceptional customer service. Make information available to everyone. Do it all cheaper.


Over 40,000 companies world-wide trust Microsoft Dynamics GP to handle their business. Microsoft Dynamics GP hosting is a great way to get an accounting system that can do what most companies need right out of the box with very little initial investment and lightning fast startup time. There is no worry about what needs to be installed where. No workstation deployment or terminal server install. You don’t have to setup and maintain a SQL Server. Hosted Microsoft Dynamics GP handles all of that for you.

Will Dynamics GP hosting work for my business?

Microsoft Dynamics GP will work for almost every sector of business out there. It can easily handle manufacturing, distribution, professional services, field service, non-profit, and government contracting.

What will it take to get me started?

Contact us! We like to be involved and work with you to make sure that our solution fits your needs. We pride ourselves on being the flexible hosting provider.

Current Pricing


*Advanced Payroll, Advanced HR, PTO Manager, Benefits Self Service can be added for $200/month

*Integration Suite and Customization Suite can be added for $100/month

Why should you put GP in the cloud?

Microsoft Dynamics GP hosting lowers your total cost of ownership. For comparison, you would need to purchase a server, setup Dynamics GP on that server or on your workstations or both, setup backups, and then you would need someone to administer it and monitor it 24/7. Hosting Dynamics GP would alleviate you from those steps.


Keep your current partner!

There is no requirement to change partners. You can keep your existing VAR. We will not pressure you into changing partners.

What are the differences between SaaS and IaaS?

Microsoft has given you, the customer, multiple ways to leverage the cloud. In the SaaS model all you need to do is pay a monthly fee and you are up and running utilizing the latest and greatest version of Dynamics GP. In this model we handle all of the licensing. In an IaaS model you purchase your GP license outright, stay current on your annual maintenance and we host it all on our servers. There are many ways that these models can blend together so if you have any questions just give us a call and we would be happy to walk your through it!


Upgrades and New Implementations are the perfect time to think about this!

Are you getting ready to upgrade or do a new implementation? That is the perfect time to move to the cloud! We can take your existing on-premise install and move it to the cloud and you will have Hosted Dynamics GP available in very little lead time.


What do I get when I go full subscription?





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