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Business Intelligence Systems

What are the three basic goals of any Business Intelligence system?

  1. Provide quality data
  2. Help an organization gain a deeper insight and help facilitate better decision-making
  3. Help companies align decisions with their corporate goals.

Like the building blocks of a foundation, Microsoft offers several solutions that can play an integral role in Business Intelligence system solutions.

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Below are some of the software and Microsoft solutions that Associates Solutions, Inc. can implement for your business:

Microsoft Forecaster

The heart of any business is its financial reporting system. Without accurate and timely financial reports, an organization is already at a disadvantage. Microsoft Forecaster is the industry leader in financial budgeting and planning. Use this Business Intelligence system to help plan for your business’s future.


Microsoft FRx

FRx has recently been upgraded to Microsoft’s Management Reporter, another high-quality Business Intelligence system. Click to get more information on Management Reporter.


Microsoft SQL Server

The backbone of the Microsoft Dynamics system is the Microsoft SQL Server Database. The scalable, flexible, and secure SQL Server is the core solution to a robust Business Intelligence system. SQL Server Reporting Services gives the end user an incredibly flexible tool to create and generate reports. SQL Server Analysis Services are an integral part of your Business Intelligence system because it provides the tools to create custom key performance indicators (KPIs) specifically for your business. It also allows you to better manage and manipulate data in your Business Intelligence system to aid easy decision-making. With SQL Server Integrations Services, your company can manage data and eliminate the “silos” of information that so many organizations deal with. It’s an ideal part of any Business Intelligence system.


PerformancePoint Server

PerformancePoint Server 2010 was created specifically to help improve operational and financial performance through all departments and levels of your organization. PerformancePoint Server 2010 is built to support any formal organizational Business Intelligence system and performance management processes.

PerformancePoint Server allows you to monitor progress in dashboards and scorecards. It also gives you the ability to quickly analyze variances and plan for the future with its budgeting and forecasting tools. Add PerformancePoint Server to your Business Intelligence system today!


Scribe Elite Partner

In addition to our other Business Intelligence system offerings, Associates Solutions provides cloud and data integration services as a Scribe Elite Partner.

Scribe is a top provider of cloud and on-premise data integration solutions worldwide. With over 12,000 customers and a Microsoft President’s Award winner, Scribe has proven its ability to deliver cost-effective, reliable data solutions. Use their Business Intelligence system to gain a competitive advantage in business today!

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