Did you know that Acumatica is the only company that allows the flexibility of deployment type? More than 70% of customers elect the Fully Managed Option – most customers don’t want to deal with hardware, back-ups, disaster recovery, and managing software.

Based on industry – certain businesses are mandated to host on a private network and we allow that. We not only allow for the flexibility at the time of purchase but also at a later date. So if a clients needs to move from a private cloud to a fully managed public cloud – it is possible and is totally seamless.

Acumatica offers a ‘fair’ pricing model, charging by resources rather than a per user license fee. Charges are made according to the modules that you need, ensuring that you’re not paying for something you don’t need. This pricing model benefits you because the value of your ERP system depends on the number of people and processes it automates. With Acumatica, all employees access all pertinent information depending on their role; and each user can tailor the user interface for their needs. Additionally, Acumatica allows you to collaborate outside of your business by including customer and suppliers.


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