Today we will go through the steps to integrate your D365 Financials with Power BI and show how to automatically create a dashboard.

  1. Before we get started in Power BI the first thing you will need to do is Verify User Account permissions and get the Web Service Authentication Key.
  2. In D365 for Financials navigate to the Users window and find you users, make sure the user you will use for the connection has SUPER rights to the company, and has a Web Service Access Key Set.
  3. Verify and take note of you User Name and Web Service Access Key. (We will be using these going forward)
  4. Verify Odata Url to connect to Power BI
  5. Get Data from Power BI
    • Log into your Power BI account at
    • Get Data>Services
    • Search for Dynamics 365 for Financials
    • Click Get It Now
    • In the ODATA feed URL paste the URL you created earlier and click next
    • After clicking Next, it will ask for an authentication method. Choose Basic, fill in the user name and password and click sign in.
    • Once imported, the Dynamics 365 for Financials dashboard will be available on Power BI.


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