Microsoft Dynamics

Everyone loves the payroll, it can be fun for some and ridiculous nonsense to others. Head-pounding calculations for hours, writing checks, signing checks, reports for various people and accounts. It can be nerve-racking to say the least. There are other payroll solutions, Microsoft Dynamics being one, if pounding away at a calculator for hours doesn’t appeal to you. Outsourcing your payroll is common in a small business, owners have accountants that handle all their numbers already. But millions have third-party services just for payroll, which is easier since it is blending with the internet so well.

Before the internet days, only payroll service bureaus were able to access the centers that automated the steep payroll process. Accountants couldn’t keep up with the processing power of a service bureau. Now, with the internet, its a fair ball game. Payroll services such as Microsoft Dynamics give accountants the ability to maintain payrolls with the same efficient process as a service bureau, creating less expensive and more hands on service.

Microsoft Dynamics Payroll Solutions

Analytical Accounting, a tool in Microsoft Dynamics, helps analyze, interpret, and create reports based on your company’s chart of accounts. Store information which cannot be computed in monetary terms such as labour hours. Human Resources is a must in this program, build records of employees including attendance, salary adjustment projections, templates for the recruitment process to go smoothly, information sharing no problem to GP payroll and ledger apps.

Self Service Suite is where you can do anything that needs to be done involving employees. Attendance, recruitment, promotion, training, holiday request, pay, and benefits are just some examples, not to mention it eliminates the need for any more paper.

Security policies should be mandatory when involved in payroll and client data. Anti-virus protection, data-loss prevention, monitoring your system and detecting intrusion are all key to maintaining a well oiled payroll that will run smoothly. As a payroll solution, Microsoft Dynamics has security that protects your data and privacy, while making it easy and efficient to access. Restrict access, organize and categorize employees by roles, supply data sharing between employees specifically pertaining to a team.

If you’re a finance professional, and you’re fed up with finding a cost-effective payroll solution, Microsoft Dynamics has it all which usually is purchased piece by piece. Very flexible and simple for all aspects, setting up pay codes, benefits, deductions, taxes, and salaried employee pay processing. SSRS reports, setup and post multiple SUTA state liabilities, change any master record and flood it to all affected employees, reimburse expenses through payroll without messing up W-2 figures, track sick, vacation, and holiday hours, and free direct deposit!

You’re in a bind, sick of being flooded with quotes from various vendors and payroll processing companies, why waste your money when in our generation there is software to do the hard work for you. Don’t be afraid of payroll solutions, Microsoft Dynamics does the work for you, worry free, all while keeping professionalism afloat, making you look like the goo
d guy. Lets get to it.

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