The first attempt at a business “based” instant messaging platform was Microsoft Office Lync. While incredibly successful, it had its limitations. Online meetings were slow. Communicating externally was often not possible or quite difficult to setup. From these aches and pains, Skype for Business was born and has since flourished. Skype for Business will help you collaborate using instant messages, video conferencing, online presentations, and presence awareness. Mobile apps are also available to do it all on the go.

Instant Messaging has become a ubiquitous component in today’s modern workplace. You now have the ability to converse with a co-worker that is in the next cubicle, the next building, even the next continent. Reach out to clients or vendors with ease with Skype for Business. Communication with an external party is as easy as typing their email address. Add people to your conversation with just a few clicks.

Many businesses have progressed from phone conferences and IM meetings to video conferences. Seeing the person(s) on the other end of the conversation can help immensely with a sale or training, for example. The applications are limitless. The performance is unmatched thanks to Skype’s historic reliability. Even with slower internet connections, Skype’s algorithms can still deliver a clear video conference experience.

Online webinars have become a staple to most organizations. Skype for Business can scale for webinars from 1 to 600+ attendees. No longer will you need to keep a separate subscription with WebEx, Go to Webinar, or Go to Meeting. You can rely on your Office 365 licenses and utilize Skype for Business for an online webinar. Presenting documents from a desktop or sharing documents for the other attendees to view can now be done with ease within Skype for Business.

When you need to leave the office, you can take Skype with you on your iOS or Android device. You can continue watching your online presentation, video conference, or continue your chat session. The mobile version of Skype for Business can even work over your cellular data connection. This means you don’t always have to connect to wireless.

Skype for Business is a mature product that adds so much to the collaboration and productivity of your users. With all of the available features combined with an easy to use interface, it can fulfill many of your collaboration needs.

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