While there may be no year-end updates, there are still a long list of refinements and optimizations aimed at improving the end user experience for Microsoft Dynamics SL.

Microsoft Dynamics SL CU1 has 49 fixes and refinements designed to improve the end user experience. Microsoft Dynamics SL CU2 contains over 100 refinements, and a connection to Microsoft Power BI and Project Dashboard. This will not only provide critical information on your projects, but it will also be an excellent way to introduce your customers to the benefits and power of Power BI.

Microsoft Dynamics SL Web Apps are now available! Rather than waiting to get new features or hot fixes, the Web Apps team will move to a monthly release cycle. This agile development model will introduce additional enhancements to Web Apps to continue improving the end user experience. New Web Apps up for early release include Vendor maintenance, Customer maintenance, and Payroll Employee maintenance. Updates for Payroll are also now available! Files for Payroll updates are available to install on Microsoft Dynamics SL. Be sure to review the installation information.

To obtain a complete list of Microsoft Dynamics SL CU1 and CU2 Updates, please contact us.

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