Microsoft Dynamics

Hallmark has branched out of the vendor market and into business consulting. Their goal was to create a more personal and meaningful business world by helping businesses develop and improve both their customer relationships and the internal programs for their employees. This idea has grown into what is now called Hallmark Business Connections and includes over half of the Fortune 100. The programs help your business recognize the employees who are the heart of your company, control health care costs and help you connect with your customers to inspire brand loyalty.

The biggest change they faced was bringing all of the business to business entities of Hallmark together. They needed to offer a single solution that would help them connect and improve the experience of both their employees and customers.

Hallmark Business Connections has implemented a near 100% Microsoft strategy. Microsoft Sharepoint with SQL Server on the backend was chosen to power the company intranet, which is used for document storage and content management. Hallmark Business Connections CIO Zarir Erani says Microsoft makes his job easier because everything talks to everything else. It’s not difficult to get applications to communicate with one another. Microsoft Exchange makes it very easy to send information back and forth.

Microsoft Dynamics

The Wellness team uses Microsoft Dynamics in order to understand the health of the business in all its phases. Microsoft Dynamics is a customer relationship management tool that focuses primarily on sales, marketing and help desk services but can be customized to meet many different demands. Taking advantage of Microsoft Dynamics has helped Hallmark Business Connections gain the knowledge it needs in order to make better business decisions.

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