Microsoft Dynamics for Growing Businesses

There are many challenges that a growing small business faces. Without implementing a solution early on, these challenges can quickly turn into nightmares for business owners. The fact is, many of these issues we struggle with are not even challenging at all. One could better describe them as opportunities, waiting for you to take advantage of them. It all comes down to having the right tool for the job at hand. For many growing small businesses, Microsoft Dynamics is that tool.

Common Business Problems Solved By Microsoft Dynamics

Unconnected Remote Locations
As a business grows and branches out into new areas, these locations fail to take advantage of work that has already been accomplished. A business should never waste time on duplicating existing efforts.

Lack of Collaboration
Communication and collaboration are vital elements to every growing business. When the new branches have limited means of communication the business misses out on potential opportunities that come with the benefits of collaboration.

Duplicate Content & Lack of Access
This is a common issue seen in growing businesses. Remote branches either create duplicated content, which is not always up to date or they lack the access needed to view important data.

Poor ROI Tracking
Without a universal system in place, a growing business has difficulties tracking the return on investment for their marketing campaigns. This can lead to unknowingly investing further into a failed strategy that was seen as a success because it was not properly tracked.

Microsoft Dynamics is not just a single product but a family of applications that provide ERP and CRM solutions which work with commonly used Microsoft business applications such as Microsoft Office, SharePoint Server, Outlook and PowerPoint.

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