Microsoft Dynamics ERP

For most businesses, especially in the manufacturing sector, the art of quality control can be described as well-controlled chaos. There are just so many variables to deal with. As such, there is need to automate and manage these activities in a bid to achieve proper quality control. It is due to these reasons that Microsoft dynamics ERP, a resource tracking and Microsoft integrated program was developed. It aims to help companies and businesses cope with the various vital tasks in hand, facilitate the flow of information and manage connections.

However, the adoption and use of the resource tracking application has been a little slow. Most businesses and companies use it as a glorified ledger hence failing to gain some of the benefits that comes with its capabilities. More so, there are companies that fail to adequately integrate Microsoft dynamics ERP software with their internal company culture, hence cannot acheive the systematic benefits that come with it.

A recently published white paper has shown that using Dynamics can help companies get an edge over their competitors. This is vital to competing in the global world market of today. But how does the Microsoft dynamics ERP software streamline and automate all the core activities of your business hence giving you quality control to propel your business to greater heights? Here is how:

Using Microsoft Dynamics ERP

1. Accurate forecasting

Microsoft dynamics ERP software is able to monitor and analyze sales facts which are vital in mapping market direction and identifying the prospects for new products. By using Dynamics ERP, a company can be able to make accurate, prompt , and real-time decisions using the correct centralized data available. Market conditions change with time as prices, demand and supply are immensely volatile. Microsoft Dynamics offers real-time reporting which allows you to make informed changes in your production and inventory. This helps reduce the time-to-market interphase as you can be able to modify the manufacturing, procurement and financials using real-time data.

2. Managing the supply chain

For a quality control manager in the Food Manufacturing sector, there is no better way to manage the supply chain than using Microsoft Dynamics ERP. The application provides a global view of the supply chain, information that you need to act on various opportunities or negative supply information as it occurs. Since this information is current, various changes can be made if one plant is out of stock and another plant has stock to spare. Prompt and quick transfers can be achieved to meet immediate needs as they crop up. The real-time information that Microsoft Dynamics ERP provides is invaluable in gaining quality control and raising your profitability bars.

3. Safety

Food safety is a key and integral part of quality control that every food manufacturing company seeks to put a seal on. Using the Microsoft Dynamics ERP application, companies can be able to automate and control various vital safety requirements such as HACCP and other laws and regulations which apply to food safety. The software can also monitor the ingredients and products in the various stages of production ensuring that they do not deviate from the operational set standards. If a safety issues arises, Dynamics ERP offers real-time information which allows for prompt and informed decision-making needed to control such problems.

In conclusion, using Microsoft Dynamics ERP helps companies gain quality control by having a better understanding of markets, various aspects of operations and by providing vital real-time data. By ensuring that everyone gets the information they need, it is possible to seal loopholes in quality and acheive the much needed control.

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