Have you heard our big announcement about our new partnership with Acumatica? You may be wondering what all the buzz is about surrounding this new cloud ERP system. Partnering with Associates Solutions will maximize your new cloud capabilities.

So, what makes Acumatica so special? It was born in the cloud, meaning it is specifically optimized for your business to grow and change. Acumatica’s connected cloud platform is unique because it was designed to interact with other web-based applications. Acumatica Cloud ERP really is the perfect solution, it’s modern and flexible with the latest cloud computing capabilities.

Acumatica offers a complete traditional suite of ERP products and CRM in one single solution. The user interface is designed with ease of use in mind. Acumatica also offers vertical specialization into growing markets, excelling in several industries like manufacturing and distribution.

Acumatica is fully mobile, meaning it can run on any device with a browser. It is intuitive and responsive, so switching from a tablet to a desktop is easy and pain free. Real work can be done without learning a separate user interface, or experiencing a reduction in functionality. Acumatica makes the most of any available screen real estate to deliver real time figures about your business. Custom applications can also adapt to any device if using the Acumatica platform. With over 3,000 customers and counting and a worldwide support and engineering network, Acumatica is quickly becoming a global force in software innovation. Unlock your full business potential now with Acumatica and the trusted expertise of Associates Solutions.

Associates Solutions, Inc. has been acquired by High Touch Technologies. More information