There are a few prerequisites you will need before you can publish Power BI dashboards on your home screen in GP.

  • Office 365 which will give you all the features included in Power BI
  • At least one published Dashboard to your Power BI site
  • Dynamics GP2016 installed on a client

To configure Power BI to appear on your homescreen you will open GP and navigate to Dynamics GP>> Tools>> Setup>> System>> Reporting Tools Setup.

There is a new tab called “Power BI”


To get your Power BI site URL, log into your Power BI site (where you view your published dashboards), and use the highlighted part of the URL

You will also need a client ID before you can view your dashboards on your GP homepage.

To acquire a client ID follow these steps:

  1. Go to Power BI for developers >>
  2. Login with your Power BI/Office 365 account
  3. Fill in the following
    1. App Name: Dynamics GP
    2. App Type: Native App
    3. Redirect URL:
  4. In Choose APIs to access select all available check boxes
  5. Click on “Register your App” and your client ID will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Once you have your Client ID you can go back into Dynamics GP, and fill in both the Power BI site and Client ID, and click OK. Then on the Dynamics GP homepage click on “Customize” and make sure to check the Power BI option as shown in the screenshot below.

Please note that there is an option to “Show All” power BI selected reports on the home page. If it not checked, then all reports will appear within the same part with an arrows to go through them one by one.

To add reports to your homepage click on the “Pencil” icon and GP should prompt with a login window. Use your Power BI credentials here. Once you login you will be give the “Power BI details screen” this is where you will select which visualizations you wish to put on your GP homepage.

Now your Dynamics GP will show the Power BI visualizations that you have selected on your GP homepage.

If you have updated to GP 2016 R2 the steps to connect to your Power BI dashboards is a little different.

You will notice that the Reporting Tools Setup page for Power BI has changed.

Since the Power BI site URL is no longer an option you will only need your client ID. Once you enter your client ID GP should function the same way as before, and to add your visualizations to your homepage you must customize it again from “Customize this Page” on the home screen.

With GP2016 R2 version 16.00.0552 there is a bug that will make Power BI not connect once you have set it up in Reporting Tools services. To get around this bug you must check to checkbox for “Using Web Client” and put

After you enter that information you will be able to add Power BI visualizations to your GP homepage.

If you want to learn more about the integration between Power BI and Dynamics GP, register for our August 9th webinar.

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