With the recent introduction of Acumatica, and the push for Microsoft Dynamics to move to the cloud, you may be wondering what exactly is the cloud, and if it makes sense for your business to invest in the cloud. Cloud based, or cloud born ERP has emerged as one of the top technology topics in recent times. However, few people truly understand what cloud based technology is, and how it impacts the way they do business. Cloud based ERP solutions are becoming the new normal, and this post will help you make the best decisions about your IT infrastructure and deployment.

The term “cloud” refers to computing resources that are provided from one remote location. It is an umbrella term, that covers small tasks like storing photos or emails, to large tasks like hosting and maintaining an entire computing infrastructure at a data center. In its most primary essence, cloud computing means renting storage and processing resources from a data center or remote site rather than buying and maintaining them on-premise.

CRM and ERP software that run in the cloud are referred to as “cloud hosted” or “cloud based” software. The term “born in the cloud” simply means the software was specifically written for cloud computing. Typically, cloud software is provided to companies using the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. To get a better sense of SaaS, you can read more here.

Deployment of cloud/SaaS software differs greatly from traditional on-premise installations, specifically from a financial perspective. Up-front capital costs for software licenses and installation of the hardware, operating system, and database are always found with traditional software licensing. With SaaS, one monthly subscription fee covers all those costs. SaaS/cloud implementations also cover support and maintenance costs. However, the greatest advantage of cloud/SaaS software is its ability to grow with your business. As your company’s needs change, your software can too. Adding or removing users and hardware only takes a simple call to your partner, who will adjust the monthly fee accordingly.

Is cloud based ERP the right solution for your business? Contact Associates Solutions to find out. We will help you make the right selection of cloud ERP, and the right decision for your business.

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