Installing a Gateway

In Part 1 of Ask ASI, we introduced you to Power BI. Now, we will continue with the installation process to get you up and running.

To install a gateway (to create refreshable dashboards), you will need to have a Power BI account. You can create a free account, but to get full functionality out of Power BI the price is $10/month per user. Let’s begin installing a gateway.

1. After you have created your Power BI account you will need to login into using your new Power BI credentials.

2. Once you have logged in you will click the download button at the top right of the page

3. Select Data Gateway

4. Click Download Gateway

5. Run the PowerBIGatewayInstall.exe file that you just downloaded.

6. Start the installation

7. Select either On-Premises Data Gateway or Personal Gateway then click Next.

8. Select install location and accept the terms of use and click Update.

9. After the installation has finished, click Sign in.

10. Sign in using your Power BI account.

11. Click Register a new gateway on this computer and click Next

12. Give the gateway a name and create a Recovery Key. Click Configure.

13. Your gateway is now created and you can click close.

14. To configure your gateway, you will need to log back into Power BI at

15. Once there, click the Settings button at the top of the screen.

16. Click Manage Gateways

17. Find and select your gateway you just created and click Add data sources to use the gateway

18. Create a name for your data source and select data source type. For this guide we will use SQL Server.

19. Enter the server name and database you will use to create dashboards. Click Add.

20. If everything has been configured correctly you should see Connection Successful at the top of the screen. This tells you that your dashboard has been created and is able to access the data without any issue.

21. Congratulations! Now you can start creating dashboards with refreshable data.

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