Show of hands, who is as excited about the new release of GP 2013 as we are? Okay, please put your hand down. Your co-workers are probably wondering why you’re raising your hand to a computer screen, but nonetheless GP 2013 is something to get excited about!

All New Web Client

One of the most exciting features of GP 2013 is release of the new web client. Similar to your desktop version of Dynamics GP, the web client gives you access to your data from anywhere with internet access. No longer do you need to go through Business Portal to access GP on the go. In a world that is so on the go, this comes in very handy. You also get the added functionality of your Ribbon at the top of the web client for a familiar look and feel.

Business Analyzer

For those that want more access to timely data Business Analyzer is your best friend. As a fully integrated dashboard, Business Analyzer allows you to drill down through your data and associate meaning to it. It’s integration with SSRS Reports making share your new information that much easier. You can now share your reports with decision makers across your organization by utilizing Microsoft Lync, which is built into Business Analyzer. Here you share reports, videos, and images, chat with co-workers, and make timely decisions. This new power-packed collaboration tool helps you understand the mountain of data you have at your fingertips.

Additional New Features
  • Word Templates– Create professional looking reports with the use of Word Templates and stop struggling with Report Writer.
  • Choose Printer– Finally you can choose your printer when printing directly from GP. This is great for companies that have separate printers for report and check printing.
  • General Ledger Entry History Inquiry– Now you have the ability to display information from both open- and historical-year journal entries in the Journal Entry Inquiry window.
  • Fixed Assets-GP 2013 has a host of new features for Fixed Assets including Post in Detail to General Ledger, Define Short/Long Calendar Years, Auto Generate Next Asset ID, Lock Fixed Assets Year, Analytical Accounting Integration, Independent Fixed Assets Calendars, and many more new features.
  • Word Form Password Protection-Don’t want your document edited by just anyone? It’s no longer a problem with the ability to password lock documents from being edited. Now only those with the password have editing access.
  • Payables Management-You now have the ability to automatically invoice vendor credit card payments.
  • Ship to Address– Associate more than one address for shipping inventory to a single company that has multiple offices.

These are just a few of the great new features that GP 2013 is offering when it launches. If you want to learn more about some of these features or any that were not mentioned above be sure to attend our GP 2013 Launch Party on December 12 at noon here at the ASI offices. It’s free for all to attend and we will be covering some of the most important new features and answering any questions you might have. The newest version of GP is sure to excite organizations all around and we would love to answer any questions you might have about a new implementation or upgrade of GP.

If you have any further questions about GP 2013, the launch party, or general GP questions please email Joy McRae.

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